Santosh Kujur turns the taste of Chili sweet

Case Study:
Livelihood & Governance
Gangadhar Kishan
Team Lead
Project Sponsor


Santosh Kujur, a farmer from Nirabahal village of Kutra block in Sundargarh, he decided to opt agriculture as his livelihood when he was only 19 years old. He had to win over the financial difficulties after demise of his father and to manage his family. He was unaware of government schemes that supports for agriculture.


When came contact with the Mission Jeevika Scheme of ITDA, Sundargarh, he shown his interest. He was happy that the scheme was backed with constant support, knowledge sharing, advisory and technological and input support. The best thing he found is provision of seeds, bio-NPK, bio-mycorrhiza, neem oil and neem cake which was almost everything for agriculture.


Looking at the all available facilities, he decided to go with Hybrid Chili-a cash crop. The features of the hybrid varieties of Chilli impressed him. As per experts, Chilli is less prone to infestation from pests, fungus and other illnesses. Also they had a longer shelf-life. Less effort and high income. He was involved with the staff of F-NGO SEWAK and started the chili farming in his one-acre land. And together with he was also farming other vegetables and cereals. With the constant support from the officials and hard work, he was able to get the bumper crop with a turnover of Rs. 85,000 in the current season.


Santosh Kujur, a farmer who had earlier opted to do traditional agriculture has now improved himself as economic crop/progressive farmer with the significant handholding support by ITDA, Sundargarh and FNGO-SEWAK.  

Being very happy, Santosh said "now I have established myself as one of the best chili farmer in the local area. I am on the way to get One Lakh Rupees in just this season. Wish me the best.”

He also appeals to the youngsters in village not to migrate to other cities by leaving their farming tradition. He appeals to find best solution for agricultural solutions. Santosh offers gratitude to the ITDA, Sundargarh, FNGO SEWAK and other departmental staff who helped him to find his inherent capabilities and supported in his income growth.