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Focus Area Development Project successfully completed

February 21, 2019

Financial Inclusion of small, marginal and tribal farmers

The Challenges

That as per the WHO report, upto 16% of farmers fall below the poverty line every year due to unplanned medical expenses.

That farmers tend to lose their life savings in a matter of days to get immediate treatments that a Primary Health Care Center or the Government Hospitals in District head quarters cannot provide,

That there are various Central and State aided insurances on life, but not an insurance that provides immediate disbursable hospital expense.

That the target group lacks the knowledge of impact of a unplanned health emergency or the risks on their livelyhood - crops and livestock

That access to facilities and support is plenty through digital channels but lack of digital literacy is a barrier though most of target group are either having a internet connected device or will soon be forced to acquire one due to low price or high adoptability

The Target Group

That Odisha has a high density of small, marginal and tribal farmers in India, who are 40% tribals and >35% female farmers in the disadvantaged group with land holdings of less than one hectare. That any farmer who has less than 5 acres of agricultural land or even landless, and her/his profession is agriculture or labour, residing and working in any district of Odisha qualifies to benefit from this fianancial inclusion project.

The Solution

To nudge the target group to learn about financial risk, get educated on the importance to safeguard their health, crops and livestock through insurance and experience the ease of adoption and claims through a semi-sponsored policy Hospital Cash policy. This will be a 3 year long digital and on-ground support + education programme on Risk, Risk Mitigation. The programme will run under the name nudge2include.

The Project roll out

The Insurance Projet: The project is currently in the first stage of Product design. A low premium group insurance with features to help a low income farming family has been shortlisted. The cost of the premium is just Rs 300/- per person per usar.

Farmer Registration: SEWAK is approaching Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) to enrol their farmer members to the #nudge2include programme with or without partial financial support. Individual farmers with or without land can also enrol into the programme. The goal is to onboard 1 lakh small/marginal/tribal farmers from Odisha. Onboarding will go on for all three years of the planned campaign.

Finding Institutional Donors: SEWAK is approaching large institutional charities and CSR organisations for funding the education platform and on field servicing activities.

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Other News Items

Mission Watermelon by SEWAK

April 8, 2022

SEWAK hosted 6 FPOs from Sundargarh, Sonepur, Jharsuguda, supported by DDM NABARD Sundargarh to a Mission Watermelon

Team Lakshya sets the "nudge2include" campaign rolling

March 23, 2022

Team Lakshya Financial Services, the implementation partner chosen for #nudge2include financial inclusion campaign

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