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Hospital Cash Insurance to 1 lakh small/marginal farmers

February 21, 2019

SEWAK has launched a financial inclusion scheme to educate the small/marginal/tribal farmers of Odisha about financial risks that erode their lifetime savings during a single hospitalisation.

While SEWAK has delivered results of providing a sustainable income generation for these self employed farmers, the SEWAK team also observed that the savings and wealth generated by these farmers erode rapidly during a hospitalisation. A significant quantum of this matchess the the UN study, that 16% of all Indians fall below the poverty line every year.

The SEWAK think tank has arrived to a conclusion that till the time these self-employed farmers are made aware of financial risks and educate them on tools that help them in such situations, the negative statistics will not reduce.

nudge2include campaign will raise funds to create a 3 year long educational programme about financial risks and tools of risk mitigation, supported by agri best practices and digital literacy. This sustained campaign will be run by SEWAK with a team spread across the state of Odisha and handholding the enrolled farmers to avail a sponsored Hospital Cash Insurance with an aim of educating farmers to continue the habit through their lifetime.

CSR and NGO isntitutions are being approached for adopting this programme that would build a security net around the hard working farmers and their families lead a secure life.

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