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Mission Watermelon by SEWAK

April 8, 2022
Digambar Upadhyaya

• All participating FPOs mobilised funds from their accounts to purchase watermelons directly from farmers, with supply chain and logistics supported by NABARD supported Bolero pickups.

• In spite of bumper harvest prices stabilised around Rs 10/- because of continuous purchase and distress sale avoided. Current total budget Rs. 30lakhs for next 2 months.

• Purchase from any districts of Western Odisha and sale at Cuttack BBSR Rourkela Sundargarh and Jharsuguda.

Going further F2C MODEL FPO 2 Consumer direct sale counters 

• With active support from FPOs, OLM Self Help Groups, direct sales counters setup across various locations , 4 active , 4 in pipe line 

• Plan to put up 15 more counters 

• Providing direct employment to shg groups to manage 

• FPOs to directly increase their turnovers and marginal profits, all CEOs asked to participate aggressively. 

• Promotion of digital upi driven transactions 

• FPO to FPO purchase using digital mode 

• Immediate settlements to farmers 

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