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Ultra Poor Intervention

Livelihood & Governance

Since 2007 'Trickle Up' an American Agency is supporting this intervention. Under this we are taking 300 or 500 ultra-poor women in a project cycle of 3 years. By now we have covered Bargaon , Balisankara , Tangarpali, Lephripara blocks of Sundargarh district. By this time we have covered 3300 House Holds. We are working on their livelihood improvement through Agriculture, Horticulture , Livestock rearing and Enterprise development.

  • 2278 Ultra poor families increased their income level from 15000/- to Rs 75000/- per annum.
  • 626 Number Self Help Groups involved
  • 9 years drive since 2013
  • Agriculture, Livestock & Micro Enterprises
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