AboutImprovement of Mother and Child health in Lanjiberna periphery villagesAn Intervention supported by OCL India Limited, Rajgangpur

OCL India Ltd. ( Previously known as Orissa Cement Limited) is a Dalmia group of Industries. The prime product of OCL is “Konark Cement” which has a good brand value and a leading name in it’s category.OCL has its factory at Rajgangpur and mines at Lanjiberna (around 15 kms away from Rajgangpur). OCL is supporting SEWAK for the following intervention.


To improve the Reproductive and Child Health condition by strengthening the service delivery mechanism with existing health system in 14 peripheral villages of Lanjiberna Rajgangpur.

  • To ensure 100% registration of pregnancy, 90% complete ANC and 70% complete PNC in 14 villages with in a period of 2 years by improving the service delivery mechanism.
  • To ensure 90% complete immunization for children less than 02 years within a period of 2 years through regular service and social mobilization.
  • To increase the use of modern contraceptives among eligible couples through social mobilization.
  • To decrease the prevalence of RTI and STI through education to the adolescents and increase institutional health seeking behavior.
  • To reduce the rate of infant and child mortality by addressing the issue of malnutrition.
Target Group
  • Pregnant and Lactating mothers.
  • Eligible couple.
  • Adolescent boys and girls.
  • Children of 0-6 year’s age group.
Mother and Child health Program
Mother and Child health Program

14 selective villages in and around Lanjiberna covering part of Ranjgangpur and Kutra block, District – Sundargarh, State - Odisha .

Situation of the Target group.
  • Adolescent girls and Children suffering from Malaria, Cold fever and diarrhoea.
  • There is instance of Early marriage.
  • Lack of knowledge on GKS and it’s activities and budget.
  • Swasthya Kantha not updated.
  • Poor knowledge on NRHM entitlements.
  • Poor knowledge on temporary and permanent methods of family planning.
  • Normally visits the Quack for treatment rather than Government Institutions.
  • Norms of breast feeding not maintained properly.
  • Prevalence of RTI / STI among Adolescent girls and Women.
  • PoorPoor knowledge on immunization.
  • Damaged ICDS buildings.
  • PNC service not given by AWW (No home visit by AWW helper under Mamata yojana)
  • In case of 2nd and 3rd delivery delaying registration for probable abortion.
  • Many abortions are done by Quack leading RTI complications.
  • Many children with Malnourishment.
Outcomes (For Objective 1)
  • Mothers deliver healthy babies with proper weight.
  • Decrease in Malnourished babies less than 02 years.
  • There is almost no anemic pregnant women in the area.
Outcomes (For Objective 2)
  • Decrease in incidence of sickness among the children below 02 years.
  • Decrease in health expenditure in the family.
  • Parents get more time for productive use.
Outcomes (For Objective 3)
  • There is positive improvement in safe sexual behavior of the eligible couple.
  • Increased use of temporary methods of contractive.
  • Eligible male person voluntarily adopting permanent method of contraception.
Outcomes (For Objective 4)
  • Reduction in the prevalence of RTI/ STI among boys.
  • Reduction in the prevalence of RTI/ STI among girls.
  • Reduction in the prevalence of RTI/ STI among eligible couples.
  • Complete participation of adolescent girls in Kishori Swasthya Mela (Health Camp).
Outcomes (For Objective 4)
  • Active Gaon Kalyan Samiti (GKS) monitoring the health services.
  • Public health delivery system providing proper services to the community.
Outcomes (For Objective 5)
  • ICDS centers are providing all the six services.
  • Active Janch Committees taking up the ICDS related issues to the higher level.
  • There is no child or infant death in the project area.
  • All the Malnourished children are identified and treated.